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Pip-Boy Propaganda - by MarkuzR

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Which one is worse?

Assholes who only use the sawed-off and power weapons? Or assholes that can’t fight without throwing a smoke grenade at you first?

Re: “Are you trying to defend your usage of the sawed-off?”

No, I’m not. Like my partner said, I’m aiming to point out that there is really no reason to bitch about the Sawed Off. I prefer the Gnasher, but in the end, it comes down to your preference. There are pros and cons to both, and quite honestly, it just boils down to personal choice. If you want to argue that the Sawed Off requires less skill, then what about the Boomshot, or Hammer of Dawn? My main point is this: Every weapon was included in the game for a reason. All you have to do is learn to use and enjoy them. There is no more need for Sawed Off hate than there is for Gnasher hate.

Are you trying to defend your usage of the sawed-off?

There’s actually two people running this blog, and while I’m not the one who made that post, I’ll try to answer this. I think he’ll probably give his own answer later too. But anyway, he’s not exactly defending the sawed-off, particularly because he never uses it, he’s just stating that there’s other stuff for people to bitch about.

But personally, I fucking hate the sawed-off. Gnasher for life. 

Two Weapons That Take Less Skill Than A Sawed Off Shotgun

1. Boomshot

If you want to talk about cheap weapons, this is it. Range isn’t an issue, and honestly you don’t even have to hit the target with it. You can just get close, and that will still wipe them out. And the one thing that offsets the Sawed Off’s power (it’s slow reload time) isn’t an issue with the Boomshot, which has a decently fast reload bar for a one hit kill weapon. The only thing to offset the Boomshot is the lack off ammo (three shots doesn’t last very long), and the fact that you can blow yourself up.

2. Grenades (Frag, Ink, Incendiary)

Planting frag grenades is usually a guaranteed way to get kills (unless the target is paying close attention), and only requires the ability to tap the B button. Kind of unglamorous, isn’t it? Throwing them does require a good eye, but even still, the explosion has a pretty wide radius and is a pretty solid way to take out a large group of enemies. Ink grenades were pretty bad in Gears 2, but their new ability to stun is quite ridiculous. Simply throw the grenade at an unsuspecting enemy, and watch them die in about 5 seconds. They’re also handy to throw at enemies who are charging at you. Toss an Ink at them to stun them, and then shoot their head off with a good Gnasher blast. Last, but not least: Incendiary Grenades. Silent but deadly. As long as you have good accuracy, you can take down an enemy without them ever knowing you were there. The grenades give off literally no warning, and are one hit kills if they land directly on the target. You never even have to fire a gun at them.

Is there a “right” way to play Gears of War?

I hear people all the time talking about how the game “is meant to be played,” and honestly, I don’t think any of them are true. Gears is all about strategy and interpretation to me, and I think the only “right” way to play it is the way that works for you. For instance, my girlfriend’s brother basically refuses to use anything besides the Lancer and chainsaw bayonet, while I have other friends who will use nothing but the Gnasher. This is a list of the “right” ways people have told me to play Gears, and why I think they’re all wrong.

1. “The game was meant to be 1 on 1 Gnasher battles”

False. If the game was meant to be played that way, why would Epic install the Sawed Off Shotgun (whose original purpose was to break up the Gnasher showdowns)? And Gears of War is a cover based shooter: 1v1 shotgun battles don’t use cover at all.. Basically if Epic doesn’t endorse this style  of play, then I would say it isn’t the right way.

2. “The game is meant to be played by wall bouncing”

False. If you look at what wall bouncing is, you will see that it wasn’t even intended to be in the game. Wall bouncing takes the ability to slide into cover, and turns it into an easy way to slip and slide across the map. So it’s not even a skill that the game teaches, it’s a perversion of the cover system. I’ve got no problem with wall bouncers, but don’t claim that I’m not playing the game right if I don’t feel like sliding around everywhere.

There are some more, but I honestly cannot remember them off the top of my head. If this gets any feedback, I’ll start writing more articles like this. Happy Gearsing.


“one shot one kill”


“one shot one kill”